What is a ‘Home?’

Posted: November 10, 2013 by satherej in Uncategorized
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What is a 'Home?'

Many entryways are emboldened with ‘Welcome’ signs and ‘May All Those Who Enter as Guests, Leave As Friends’ signs – but these simple domiciles hold a secret internal faculty of power for their owners, while exerting a strange and often unpleasant set of contrary circumstances on those who don’t get to say they come ‘home’ everyday. This unfortunate condition is called Homelessness, and it is a rampant part of our still growing global societies. It is present here in our communal home of Harrisonburg – there are friends among us that sleep not in a home, but in a shelter, not in a bed, but on a bench. Some eventualities of being homeless are that it becomes mentally as infectious as apathy can be, and as difficult to climb out of as addiction can be. It becomes easy to believe that all past intentions have gone awry and take that as evidence to stop taking a stand, stop caring about life in general – apathy: the murderer of hope.

To decide to be homeless, would be like choosing a favorite type of disease to spontaneously contract; most people who have become homeless didn’t choose it but can and should expect some freedom and mobility in getting out of the hole. Sometimes people are strong enough to subsist on what will get them by until they are finally able to afford their own way, even more frequently however, it is the responsibility of the community and friends to see to it that the needs of all are met – especially those who need help the most.

That is the intention of this blog! To help those that need help the most, to give voice to those most lacking a listening ear and advocate for those of us who need a little support from time to time. Let’s address, together, the difficulties as well as happy moments that originate in the pathway of injustice, along the road to/from poverty, and then we can try to gain some better understanding and empathy for our fellow humans.


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