Homelessness: A Documentary & Reference Guide on how to C.A.R.E

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Homelessness: A Documentary and Reference Guide

“Hoboes, tramps, and bums,” this documentary is a really good tool for awareness. Defining homelessness and counting homeless people is only part of the mission, but it is also the whole mission. Who are the homeless? The documentary attempts an overview of the homeless population, including homeless children and their families, homeless veterans, and homeless people in rural areas, as well as homeless people of color and homeless Latinos. Incorporating a broad spectrum of people, documentary filmmaker Neil Larry Shumsky claims creates a difference in perspective, which he molds into an argument to “contend with homelessness.”

If you have not already, give the documentary a watch and see for yourself how you can help.

Still feeling lost on what you can do? Look no further, the NCH (National Coalition for the Homeless) gives this simple acronym to help us remember:

You can help end homelessness by simply CAREing.

C – Contribute (food drives, money, etc.,)
A – Advocate
R – Reach Out (volunteering)
E – Educate

Shumsky, Neil L. Homelessness : A Documentary And Reference Guide / Neil Larry Shumsky. n.p.: Santa Barbara, Calif. : Greenwood, c2012., 2012.

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