You Don’t Need a Group, you Need One Cool Dude

Posted: December 4, 2013 by grecoam in Uncategorized

Making changes for the homeless community requires multitudes of people coming together to advocate what they believe. However, a single individual can take action towards helping other which in turn can encourage others to take a stand. Homelessness isn’t directed towards specific regions of the world, it takes place across the globe. On December 17, 2012 an anonymous man secretly videotaped himself throwing a surprise birthday celebration for homeless woman in the middle of the streets somewhere in Latin America. The video was uploaded to Youtube and quickly circulated the web gaining  a lot of attention. The video above is the anonymous mans first person view of the event that took place and for the people who don’t understand Spanish here is a brief description of the event. The anonymous man walked up to the homeless woman named Andrea with Dunkin Doughnuts in hand and told her, “Feliz Cumpleaños” (Happy Birthday in Spanish) in which she jumped for joy and immediately hugged the stranger. After surrounding the woman with birthday decorations which included party hats, balloons, confetti poppers, and  a Dunkin Doughnut cupcake he turned to the pedestrians and asked, “Who here is going to help me sing Happy Birthday to the lady?” and quickly a crowd surrounded her. Throughout the singing of the song you can see Andrea overwhelmed with joy. After some kind word from the kind stranger the lady exclaims that she has nothing to wish for because everything she could wish for has already come true. Andrea’s last word are that she wishes that, “everyone can be happy.”

Personally this video was very moving. On most occasions I will give my any spare change to the homeless people that I come by but never did I imagine throwing a birthday celebration for one. During the whole video you can see that Andrea is overwhelmed and with her birthday wish you know that she genuinely cares what these strangers have done for her making her feel as if she has a family. Each person that partakes in helping these less fortunate people brings us closer to creating a universal feeling of family belonging. You don’t need other peoples consent to do good you just need to find your own motivation to do so which allows the reasons for aiding to become apparent for others to follow.


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