The Down Not Out Story

Posted: December 4, 2013 by satherej in Uncategorized

The Down Not Out Story frames homelessness in a new communicative context that allows people to think of themselves in relation to those they consider homeless. ‘Home’ful people have advantages, but that does not preclude homeless people from success. In fact, if you consider that those who rent are but a step away (that is, a month’s rent away) from being homeless as well – you can start to understand the broader definition of “vulnerably housed people,” that the Down Not Out Story is advocating for in aggregation with those truly homeless.

Root Cause Productions

Root Cause Productions is currently working on a film project for Down Not Out– a community news agency ran by homeless and vulnerably housed people. The Down Not Out news agency produces news articles related to the issue of homelessness and acts as a news aggregator to homeless related stories. DNO also seeks to pave the way forward in abolishing stereotypes put upon the homeless by a society who believe that no longer having a roof of your own renders you incapable of intelligence productiveness and dignity.

The Down Not Out Story will document the history of the project from its inception in January 2012 until the present. During this time the group has maintained a website, produced its own DNO Newspaper and staged Food Bank Action events in three separate cities on the same day.

A rough edit of the film was well received during the Action Homeless…

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