What we have learned? – It Takes Two to Tango

Posted: December 5, 2013 by grecoam in Uncategorized

By choosing to advocate homelessness we have prepared ourselves to actively engage with those who are in the homeless community, and those that advocate for homeless. We have learned that the average person views homelessness through the stereotypes presented by the media which are often  lazy, dirty, and to some extent outright crazy.

Since we were children we have been taught to give to the less fortunate. Unfortunately for these people, most of the societies around the world don’t acknowledge these people in the ways which we were taught to. We have learned from testimonial that often those who regain their position in society often feel as if they are “becoming human” again, and learning to rejoin other people in regular lifestyle practices. Too often people ignore others, because they are homeless or under the poverty line, but these are -people too- and they need to be recognized as such.

Even though we feel that the majority of individuals know it is important to give back after advocating the issue we have observed that it doesn’t usually happen until holiday season. Christmas and Thanksgiving seem to be the most attractive times of the year to donate and help others. Turkey drive and shelter openings start early and last all day. Why can’t it be Christmas or Thanksgiving year round?

The majority of people Erik and I know don’t tend to volunteer on a regular basis. The most frequent examples of our friends volunteering are to fulfill community service needs which in turn “reverses” the true meaning of volunteering. Volunteering to fulfill your own agenda instead of fulfilling a need is the most often understood form of ‘charity,’ but often falls far short of helping those actually in need. On the other hand we know that individuals and organizations around the world are holding events to advocate the challenges that the homeless face every day. Having others supporting you always helps when advocating a cause, however without your own knowledge and being able to take steps to actively engage changes will never come.


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