About Us

We are two undergraduate students at James Madison University interested in engaging the homeless community and advocating their rights as equals to the same opportunities enjoyed by those who have steady income enough to house, clothe and feed themselves on a regular basis. A Communications Studies major and International Affairs major have teamed through their communal Inter/Cultural Communications course to create this online advocacy blog! Alex Greco, an International Affairs major is interested in applying different aspects of political ideologies within the United States and their relation to how these polices effect the homeless. Erik Sather, a Comm. Studies major, is primarily interested in discovering the individual’s agency to self-help themselves out of poverty and homelessness, and the aid that can be provided by simply offering a liberating theoretical perspective on homelessness. The hope is that this perspective can be garnered by offering up an interactive online communication space through which home’ful’ and home’less’ alike can discuss the issue.

Together through a Communicative and International Affairs lens, we hope to bring to light critical issues of an undeserved community and open a forum to discuss difficult issues associated with homelessness.


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