What is Advocacy?

Advocacy is the way in which individuals or groups of people act, support, and or defend a topic on the behalf of others. In particular, advocacy is expressed and portrayed through the ways in which you speak and write in favor of a particular group of people. Often advocacy is supported in the nature of helping currently undeserved communities or peoples to restore their rights and privileges in society.

A more simplified way to explain advocacy is to actively support a cause by trying to rally others to support it as well. In reality it is just speaking up, drawing attention to an important issue and directing decision makers towards a solution. Advocacy is important because it can initiate changes in policies, law, and more importantly, people’s behavior.

Without advocacy many people would be blind to the struggles that other people face. Without standing up and defending what you believe, the world will never get better. If we continue to repeat the mistakes we have made throughout history then interracial marriages would not be acceptable. Through advocacy we have recognized the flaws in what were considered  “normal thoughts”, that interracial marriage was a sin and have been able to modify and grow since then.

According to the NCH (National Coalition for the Homeless), “Advocacy is critical to creating the systemic changes needed to end homelessness.” Through advocacy we can start to see these root changes and change the way we work in the community to develop workable strategies to respond to homelessness. Therefore, through these practices of advocacy, societal changes are possible and traceable through historic events that can be presented to further exemplify the truth of this statement.


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